By Watchdog reporter

Though tycoon Ivan Semwanga was buried on Tuesday at his ancestral village in Bugerere, Kayunga, the battle between Semwanga’s ex-wife Zari Hassan and the late’s relatives seems on who should remain in custody of his multi-billion property still remains in hurdles.

A section of relatives and friends allege that Zari should neither benefit a single coin nor take care of the deceased’s right because she is married somewhere else.

However, City tycoon Jack Pemba who has been one of Semwanga’s best friends has come out to back Zari whom he says she is the right person to take care of all the property left behind by the deceased though she has no right to take any share from his property.

To clarify this, Pemba has promised to provide Zari with the best lawyers in world to help her secure all the belongings of the three kids she had with Semwanga.

“Zari is my real sister but she has no rights to take any share from all the late property but she is the right person to take care of all the property and am very ready to provide her with the best Lawyers in the world to secure all the belongings of the kids,” noted Pemba

He has further warned the relatives who are trying to illegally take over the property that they should not try him out.

“The relatives should not even try me out to tamper with messing up all property let them stay away let Zari take control over everything for protection,”

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