By Watchdog reporter

Desh Kananura, the proprietor of the famous Panamera Bar has been ordered to vacate the land on which the bar sits citing that he occupies the premises illegally.

The case came before judgment on 14 July, 2017 and it was entered in favour of the defendants who included Himalaya Traders Limited, Kamukamu Associates Limited, Treasure Trove Uganda Limited, Jetwant Singh, Gulzar Singh, Jamil Kiyemba and Commissioner land registration.

According to the decree issued by High Court (Land Division), Desh Kananura is a trespasser and has no law whatsoever in the suit land comprised in plots 20-30 Saddler Way, Naguru.

“The plaintiff, Kansiime K. Andrew’s occupation and continued stay on the illegal property is illegal and unlawful,” decree reads in part.