By Sonnie Kariuki

In marriages, so many Biblical examples are used but I am not sure why people rarely use the best examples of Ananias and Sapphira, and Nabal and Abigael. The Bible describes Abigael as beautiful and intelligent but her husband as surly and mean in his dealings. Sapphira chose to defend her husband and she died alongside him.

Abigael chose not to stand by her man, in fact she told David ‘He is just like his name—his name means Fool, and folly goes with him. And as for me, your servant, I did not see the men my lord sent. 26 And now, my lord, as surely as the Lord your God lives and as you live, since the Lord has kept you from bloodshed and from avenging yourself with your own hands, may your enemies and all who are intent on harming my lord be like Nabal.’
She did not go there to plead for a foolish man’s life, she realised her husband was beyond saving. She lived and he died.
So what was a beautiful woman doing with a wicked man?

We all make mistakes. So many married Christian women today are like Sapphira, they will be singing the ‘standing with your man’ anthem, while he cheats, infects her with diseases, destroys their fortune, and messes his children future. Then when she is sixty, he runs off with a pretty little thing and she wallows in bitterness for the rest of her life.

Sapphira died with her man, Abigael set herself free from a wicked man. Unfortunately no one ever speaks of these couples and their profound impact on marriages today. Sister no matter how much you hide we know you are married to a wicked man…

If Abigael was alive today, the Sapphiras of today would be busy telling her: –
1. Pray for your man
2. Respect no matter what
3. Have you watched War room
4. Fight this battle on your knees
5. No marriage is perfect
6. Do not leave your marriage for strange women
7. The Bible says not to leave your husband
8. Stay for your kids
And many more: –

Truth is, some men/husbands are better praying for while you are miles away. There are marriages worth saving but in the two cases above none. There are marriages worth praying for but there are some that will suck you dry and you will die bitter. I worked with older persons and I realised, children (presence and absence), money (presence or absence) does not make a marriage happier. It was two people willing to fight and make it work. Not one… two!