An attempted coup has taken place in Turkey after military chiefs tried to take control of the country.

Gunfire has been reported in the Turkish capital Ankara and Istanbul.

A total of 90 people died during clashes with more than 1,500 military personnel arrested by Turkish authorities.

President Tayyip Erdogan now claims the attempted coup is over after he urged supporters to take to the streets.

But tensions in the country remain high.

This picture shows the Turkish Prime Minister’s office following an air strike.

The office of Binali Yildirim has been left wrecked following the coup attempt.


Gunfire reported in Turkish resort popular with Brits

Gunfire was also reported near the popular resort of Marmaris in the south west of the country on the Mediterranean.

According to transcripts of his remarks provided by his office, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he arrived in Istanbul from the resort and that it had been bombed after he left.

Rhonda Jones, a player for Rangers Ladies football club, is on holiday in Marmaris.

She posted a video on Twitter of cars and scooters filling the streets in a procession loudly beeping their horns.

She wrote: “Exchanged Gun fire up and down the street in Marmaris now. A small explosion.”

Number of military personnel detained rises to 1,563

The number of military personnel detained now after the coup attempt has risen to 1,563.

Pictures show members of the Turkish military surrendering on the streets.

“It was a bloodbath”

Piero Castellano is a photojournalist based in Ankara.

He told the BBC that after President Erdogan appeared on TV, Turks surged onto the streets.

“People rushed to the main square, to rush to the tanks and the armoured carriers – it was a bloodbath,” he said.

“It was unexpected.

“There is a very strong link, or maybe there was until last night, there was a very strong link between the Turkish people and their military.

“So people were shocked when the military actually fired on the crowd.”

Three injured as Turkish spy agency targeted during coup

Turkey’s intelligence agency headquarters were attacked by military helicopters and heavy machine gun fire, wounding at least three people.

The head of the agency, Hakan Fidan, was at a secure location throughout the events and was in constant contact with President Tayyip Erdogan and Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, the source said.

The intelligence agency was still working with the armed forces, the police and the government against the coup plotters in ongoing operations in Istanbul and Ankara in particular, the source said.