By Mike Ssegawa

I met two people at Good African Coffee cafe in Lugogo, Kampala. He together with a colleague, walked in wearing T-shirts bearing “Kiwanda Tulambule” words. The Tourism ministry launched Tulambule Uganda campaign to encourage Ugandans to visit their country. It will be a monthly exercise, starting with western Uganda this weekend.
Private companies, artistes, UTB, Uwa, and volunteers are part of the initiative.

So, why am I incensed? I am a Minister Kiwanda fan, and I have no doubts Kiwanda is one of the most hardworking and visible ministers in this government today (for good reasons).

He has also promoted several campaigns in the last three or so months since his appointment as minister. However, I am sure someone wants Kiwanda to look bad or fail. Otherwise How can anyone brand a tourism initiative alongside Kiwanda’s name? I am sure Kiwanda knows this is a bad branding move. And of course, PR and marketing disaster.

If anyone knows who printed those T-shirts, stop them immediately for the good of tourism. Tulambule is an initiative that goes beyond Kiwanda the person, although, he is indeed an asset to tourism. And it should not be seen that this is Kiwanda’s one man effort, but that tourism is every one’s business. We are only privileged to have a committed leader in Kiwanda.

For now. Therefore, anyone wanting to impress Kiwanda with these T-shirts should restrain themselves if they want Kiwanda to succeed in his noble assignment. #Mytwopence.