By Eunice Nankwanga Kasirye

Liars don’t have a life of their own, they trade self confidence for emptiness .Everyone lie you tell, comes with emptiness, takes away self esteem, steals your freedom of expression and turns you into a fool, a victim of your own lies.
Lying is self enslavement, takes away your true personality turning you into an ambiguous low esteem person.

The truth you tell immediately becomes part of your past, every lie you tell builds up burdens into your future-it makes you a miserable person, never sure of yourself but always thinking of the next lie to keep the previous lie_what a life!

My personal standards are hinged on the belief that no one has a right to take away my freedom of selfworth by making me turn into a virtual personality to attain approval _Never!

I tell the truth for my self not for the recipient of information…

I am who I am, if you don’t approve of the true me then you aren’t looking for me in any form of dealings, good for both of us to keep moving until we encounter with who we exactly want to deal with-it helps live a life of not having to work hard to leaves you with a few but genuine persons to deal with

Accorrding to Carl Pickhards, Liars fool themselves, what begins as lying to others ends up as lying to themselves as they lose track of what really happened&come to believe some of the untruths they have told…

Abraham Lincoln said-No man has a good enough memory to make a succesful Liar

Every lie is two lies — the lie we tell others and the lie we tell ourselves to justify it.Robert Brault.

Lies Tax Your Brain, Cause Stress, and Harm Your Body….it requires a lot of effort, yet the truth simply remembers what happens. When you lie you have to consider what you’re trying to hide, figure out a believable version of the opposite, give a convincing performance to sell that lie, and then remember it always so you never caught_Adam Dachis

Lying makes you narrow minded to think that the person you keep lying to has a weak memory to keep track of your uncoordinated statements

You don’t have to trade your pride with fiction -It is so tasking to struggle between the real you and the person the lies have made you to be

The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said.