By Kiyimba Bruno

Trustin company has exported 27 girls from Uganda to Saudi Arabia and Jordan to go and look for greener pastures.

These were flagged off by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Jorem Oitit who urged the girls to always trust in God.

“Just as I have prayed for you, so must you be. Please put God first and everything shall be automatic.” Said Oitit
He went ahead to advise the departing girls to always save their money in order for them to come back home with something and do constructive work.

It is on this note that Oitit urged the parents to always keep the trust if their children have entrusted them with their money.

The girls were driven in the company car up to the airport and were later on addressed by the human resource manager for the company Miss Christine Akia who encouraged the girls to strictly do what has taken them there.

Akia said that Trustin is a trusted company with very many clients who just love the work that is produced by people from her company.

“I also urge the girls to save their money when they are still there and when they come back they can do business which will enable them to grow financially.” Akia said.

She elucidated that there are very many girls who use companies that are not licensed by the government only to end up in dilemmas like the recent incident that happened in Nairobi.

Few days back, 80 girls were deported by the Kenyan government back to Uganda as they were paving their ways to Oman, one of the countries that the ministry of gender labor and social development does not allow.

Some of the girls went to work as house maids as well as the rest went as security officers.