By Watchdog reporter

Many people have been anxious to know the true identity of the man who was netted with socialite Zari Hassan while enjoying life to the fullest in a swimming pool.

Zari’s unrealistic manner annoyed her husband Diamond Platnumz, a Tanzanian bongo star who couldn’t hide his anger thus sharing a photo of his wife being squeezed in a swimming pool by another man.

Later alone Zari came out to clear the air saying that the man she was with is her ex Husband’s brother and she was in the pool with him in the presence of his wife.

 Well, we have managed to root in the true identity of the misery man behind the mischief of the two lovebirds.

The man is called Edwin Lutaaya and he is a singer with a music group known as New Chapter Africa.

According to Lutaaya, he is a brother to the late Ivan Semwanga, Zari’s ex-husband and he says he has nothing to do with Diamond’s wife.

“First I would like to apologize to Zaris family because it has been hurt by the viral pic of me and Zari am truly sorry. Zari is my “mulamu”, am a brother to the late Ivan. That pic was taken by my wife herself because it was a family day out and everybody took selfies,” Lutaaya posted on his social media.