President Yoweri Museveni today took a group selfie on the sidelines of the Commonwealth youth ministers meeting in Kampala.

This was after the official opening of the 9th Commonwealth youth meeting in Munyonyo. The selfie has excited netizens and shared the photo which has become viral in Uganda.

Amidst comments that participants at the Meet are not youth per say, Museveni however always gets a soft spot from young people.

Selfie is young people phenomenon in the age of showing off and attention, and Museveni’s handlers know how to work out young people in the country with about 78% under 30 years of age.

The group selfie, taken by the president himself, is not the first thing Museveni has done to capture the imagination of young people. Before he has taken a roadside photo picking a phone from an unknown person, which became an instant hit on the internet.

Mr Museveni has also got thump up for his song mpa enkoni, ahead of the 2011 election, which was done with an urban touch, sexing up the president’s appeal to the young generation.

Now if no one knew about the Commonwealth youth meeting in Kampala, Museveni has managed to bring it home – young people are already talking. Online.