By Watchdog reporter

On several occasions when people plan for a luxurious holiday through a travel company, their expectations are always high; they expect to be treated like queens a kings.

Unfortunately, to a few their dreams are usually shuttered and by the end of the day they cry foul of their money due to the unpleasant treatment in the whole quest.

Have you ever paid your dollars to a travel agent and instead of treating you to better services you’re ‘showered’ by a mammoth of insults?

Well, that vomitous experience has been tasted by a certain client only identified as Brian who planned his honeymoon with his sweetheart through a travel company known as Platinum Tours and Travel.

Brian who was expecting heaven on earth on his honeymoon in Kenya will live to regret the day he chose to use Platinum Tours after the company turning the whole experience into hell on earth.

According to Brian, the travel company approached him with offers for his honeymoon and he was gullible enough to take up the proposal thus paying upfront.

Horror started when the company failed to get visas for the two lovebirds in time, they messed up the reservation and booked them for check out the day after.

On top of that they were given a van/taxi to pick them for their honeymoon dinner on a yacht.The van was filled with several people including screaming kids.

To his dismay, instead of a yacht, Brian and his wife were given an old Arabian dhow full of shisha smokers and on contacting the travel company headquarters here in Uganda they gave him excuses.

According to Brian, on the third day of his honeymoon they were thrown out of the hotel since the reservation had expired.

To add more salt in the wound, Brian and his wife were put on different return tickets and on consulting the company, it rudely responded that they were no seats on the flight thus booking another seat on the net flight for his wife.

However in response, Jacque one of the travel agents in Platinum Tours just insulted Brian calling him ungrateful pig who doesn’t appreciated what the company did for him.

She says she incurred a loss of $500 to make Brian’s honeymoon right adding that he should be ashamed of himself for tarnishing the company’s name.