By Kiyimba Bruno

Traffic police have impounded over 1000 motorcycles in Kampala and they have been taken to Central Police station following a crackdown operation in the past three days.

This was revealed by the head of the operation at Kampala road traffic lights ASP Mable Asingwire during an exercise that began on Monday this week.

Asingwire said that the aim of this exercise is to instill discipline among motor riders in Kampala.

“Many of these riders do not respect traffic lights and such are the biggest cause of accidents in Kampala.” noted Asingwire.

She went ahead to say that 80% of the accidents in Kampala are caused by motorcycle riders due to reckless riding. On this note, she advised all riders to follow the traffic law.

“At times you see a boda boda carrying a passenger and is forcing his way through yet the traffic lights are telling him to stop. That after causing an accident just takes off and leaves the passenger in danger” said Asingwire.

She added that the exercise shall go on aiming at not leaving any loopholes in the city.

“We shall grab whoever misbehaves. Those riding on pavers, making U turns in the middle of the roads, over carrying and many more cases.” Asingwire warned.

She added that trainings are going on freely all over the country to educate the motor riders on traffic laws but only few have responded to them. On this note, she advised every passenger to be cautious of their lives since after the accidents, the riders just take off.