By Najibu Mulema

Yesterday the Inspector General of Police(IGP) passed a directive ordering the traffic police to form a special team which is going to fight the illegality of using car sirens to beat the widespread traffic jam on the roads of Kampala.

It came to the IGP’s notice that they are people who use the sirens illegally resulting unbeatable road congestion,vtraffic jam and sometimes accidents.

The “special” people who have been using the sirens yet they are not listed in the law include, the traditional leaders, IG himself, army commander, NRM secretary general, some ministers among others.

According to Kayihura’s statement, The IGP ,funeral service cars, money transfer vans, cars owned by NGOs are also not allowed to use sirens unless when they have got a special permission from the minister of transport.

The police spokesperson, Andrew Felix Kaweesi says, cars like ambulances and police cars are allowed to use sirens in case of an emergency.

“Traditional leaders,mps,some government officials are not allowed to use sirens, if you’re not on the list of those ones allowed to use sirens then you know your using them illegally.” Kaweesi said.

The following are the special ones who are permitted to use sirens;
The president of Uganda
Vice president of Uganda
Speaker and deputy speaker of parliament.
Chief justice and deputy chief justice.
Prime minister
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