By Najibu Mulema

Traders in Malaba- kenya border walked to a no man’s land to show their grievances against the police in the area for failing to protect the People on the border.

This came after 5 people including traders being  murdered by unknown criminals on a sunday night.

The residents in the area alerted the police about the murder case but to their dismay the police failed to respond in any way.

This forced traders to throw barriers in the middle of the road which paralyzed transport on the border.Traders demanded for the quick transfer of the ‘unserious’ police officers.

However,Bernabus Tusingwire,OC of Malaba police station said the investigation are still going on to find those who killed the 5 people.

” I argue everyone to be more careful.If you see a person you don’t know and you suspect him,report to the police as soon as possible. “Said Tusingwire.