By Geoffrey Baluku

Wednesday was a great day for Nshenyi Cultural Village and the Ntungamo community at large as the Ugandan Minister of Tourism, Wildlife & Antiquities Kiwanda Godfrey Ssuubi opened new classroom blocks built by Dutch Tourists.

The two Dutch tourists Marian Frits and Nanny Frans first came to Uganda in 2009. They fell in love with Uganda’s countryside and the Nshenyi community at large, and they have been coming to the country every year.

They have since started several projects ( including building better facilities for pupils in the area to study in decent classrooms.
Nshenyi Cultural Village is located on a farm near Kitwe Town on the edge of Ntungamo District. It is a 30 minute drive from Ntungamo town centre or an hour’s drive from Mbarara via Isingiro.
In unveiling the classroom blocks, as part of the Tulambule drive, Tourism minister Kiwanda raised awareness of the community towards tourism.
The tourism potential of Ntungamo is being unlocked through cultural conservation, he said.

Traditionally, Nshenyi is a pastoralist area. The terrain is characterised by endless undulating hills, savanna grass and acacia trees an environment that is ideal for rearing cattle.
Agriculture is another economic pursuit of the people of Nshenyi as large tracts of banana plantations are visible in the area.
A visit to Nshenyi enables tourists to experience the traditional lifestyle of Banyankole people.
Through the various activities, you will immerse yourself in the community through milking cows, nature walks, visiting homesteads and learn about the farming tools and techniques passed on through the ages.

You can as well visit some of the local schools, walk through the local markets and visit with the Batwa pottery makers.
You can also walk along the Kagera River and cross into Tanzania and Rwanda.