By Najibu Mulema

The Parliament has banned four top Uganda Telecom Limited (UTL) managers from traveling abroad following the report which was presented by Nandala Mafabi to the National Assembly showing how the top managers mismanaged the company’s funds.

The officials in question include; James Wilde, David Nambale, Moses Mwase and Stephen Kaboyo.

According to the report, the four officials’ monthly salary amounts to shs420 million and the company had spent four years without being audited.

Further, the report says UTL is bleeding with overwhelming local and foreign debts that it has now failed to service.

UTL has a debt of shs22.244 billion in regulator fees to Uganda Communications Commission and a debt of shs8billion in interconnection fees to MTN Uganda.

UTL is a government parastatal set up to provide telecommunication services to government and civilians.

Now the parliament under the speakership of Rebecca Kadaga has set up a seven member committee to investigate the mismanagement of UTL.