By our reporter

A number of Ugandans are angry at the advert which appeared in a local daily by a hotel associated with a high ranking military official, which is located in Mutundwe, Rubaga Division in Kampala city.  Serene Suites & Hotel advertised on Monday seeking to offer jobs to people of specific colour and races, a move which has attracted public outrage.

The hotel most known as the command centre for Operation Wealth Creation boss Gen. Salim Saleh, advertised job opportunities where the two top managers were preferred to be “White” and “Indian”.

The public says Serene Hotel exhibited a high level of racism and insensitivity in this said advert, which was fast popularised on social media, thereby eliciting a lot of criticism. Some critics pointed out that the hotel associated with Operation Wealth Creation commander Gen Saleh should not encourage this kind of discrimination. This website cannot establish for now the ownership of the hotel. Our sources say OWC just rents an office at the said hotel.

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It is not the first time an organisation is bashed for making similar advertisement in newspapers, in a country where unemployment is so high.

In October 2014 another organisation Shell and Bolton International was criticised, queried by authorities and taken to court after it sought to employ a particular race, after a media advert on Monday 20 where Shell and Bolton International sought to employee an administrative assistant of Indian, Philipino or ‘white’ origin.

The Immigration Control under the ministry of Internal Affairs summoned the bosses of Shell and Bolton International to explain its employment policy, saying its advertisement contravened Ugandan laws.

Commissioner for Immigration Anthony Namara summoned Shell and Bolton bosses demanding to know the organisation’s expatriate employees and their employment terms.