Kampala Metropolitan Police Commander CP. Moses Kafeero Kabugo, Commadant Military Police Col. William Bainomugisha accompanied by area police teams on Thursday morning met local leaders and traders of Kiseeka Market at Emerald Hotel where a number of issues regarding the origin and possible solutions to riots in Kampala and it surroundings.

CP. Kafeero stressed the need to work together to develop ideas which deal not only with the symptoms but with the deep-seated causes of riots.

He told the participants that riots violet laws and have a negative impact on the economy. He stressed that burning tyres can even cause arson on their business and should be avoided

The theme of the meeting with various leaders in Kiseeka Business Community national was to building strong, resilient and a thriving local community where no one feels the urge to take such destructive actions ever again.

Since November 2017 till to date, its estimated that hundreds of people have actively participated in the riots. More than 200 suspected rioters have been arrested out of whom, some were already known to the police.

Research shows that most riots are comprised of organised criminals who are often from outside the area, violent aggressors, pick pocketers who deliberately travel to riot sites in order to loot, opportunists who are drawn into
riot areas through curiosity or a sense of excitement and spectators who come just to watch the rioting.

The local leaders said it was crucial that the police rebuilds image and trust arguing that this could be done by ensuring plans are in place to deal with the risk of future disturbances, pursuing people who commit the crimes during the riots and supporting members of Kiseeka Community as they rebuild their businesses.

The Kampala Metropolitan Commander said that as a consequence of these riots, the police in Kampala has begun a review of their tactics on how to handle future riots which includes community engagement.

Mr. Kafeero assured the participants that inter-agency coordination among security agencies is solid and will continue to be so in order to maintain the existing peace.

Commadant Military Police said while security is everybody’s responsibility, those who run public outfits like malls,arcades etc are expected to be responsible for the security of their clients and those they serve in partnership with Security Agencies.

“Everyone has a stake in ensuring security in our country,” Col. Bainomugisha said.

He urged Kiseeka Community to support police, be vigilant and report any suspected persons to the concerned security agencies.