By our reporter

A youth activists organization Sauti ya Vijana has attacked the Inspectorate of Government, accusing the office of the ombudsman of abetting corruption.

A statement signed by Mzee Bwanika Jj., the director of operations and Peter Mukiibi, director of research and information, Sauti ya Vijana says they are concerned that “the IG’s office  has continuously failed to exevute its mandate despite annual budget allocations it receives.”

“Instead IGG shields corrupt officials from prosecution, an act which was condemned by the chief justice last year.”

Sauti ya Vijana officials say the IGG has characteristically went for soft targets including prosecuting a politician in the recent past for changing birth dates instead of biting the real meat in the “well documented high profile corruption cases”.

The statement adds that “this is a clear manifestation that the IG’s office has become useless and has completely failed on its mandate.”

The organization has instead welcome the appointment of James Tweheyo as head of the anti corruption unit and RDC’s secretariat who they hope will touch the big corrupt fish in town.

Social media tax

Sauti ya vijana has also criticized the infamous social media tax as well as exercise duty on mobile money which is leading to multiple taxation which is against the laws of taxation.

Today, president Museveni clarified that the levy on mobile money was 0.5% instead of 1% which the telecoms have already been deducting. It is not clear if telecoms would refund the money to people whose accounts have already been deducted, which is tantamount to broad day light robbery.

Sauti ya Vijana promised to mobilize against these injustices if the president does not do anything about the situation in less than five days.