By Najibu Mulema

Over the past 10 months the government of Uganda has been working so tirelessly to fight labor export especially on the side of girls going to the Middle East countries such as UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia to look for greener pastures due to claims that these girls are mistreated and worst of all, some are killed.

Early this year the government in partnership with the Entebbe Airport officials denied many girls to go to Middle East due to the same problem. Many job recruiting companies were closed in the country due to lack of qualifications.

However, Dr. Edward Muhumuza, an economist, sees this as a way of keeping Ugandans in total poverty. He asks the government to streamline labour export instead of fighting it.

“We all know that in Uganda we face the problem of jobs scarcity, why doesn’t the government improve labor export instead of fighting it so that Ugandans involved improve their lives,” Dr. Muhumuza said.