By Watchdog reporter

Apparently, many people are scared of the road accidents in Uganda that they are afraid of traveling. However, according, a Uganda will most likely die of influenza, malaria or diarrhoeal than accident which ranks at number 10.

The top killer in Uganda is till HIV/Aids, but, pneumonia kills more people than malaria.

Watchdog today lists the top 20 causes of death in Uganda.

2. Influenza and Pneumonia
3. Stroke
4. Coronary Heart Disease
5. Diarrhoeal diseases
6. Prostate Cancer
7. Malaria
8. Liver Disease
9. Diabetes Mellitus
10. Road Traffic Accidents
11. Malnutrition
12. Cervical Cancer
13. Other Injuries
14. Falls
15. Meningitis
16. Maternal Conditions
17. Kidney Disease
18. Violence
19. Hypertension
20. Endocrine Disorders