By John C Ssentongo

In the past couple of days, Mohammed Nsereko, and Ssemujju Nganda, have been in confrontation.
In politics, you cannot avoid confrontation. However, solutions to what brings about confrontations should always come forward, in a way of win win.

However, the debate going on to a point of demonizing some legislators, is not beneficial to the people and politicians of Buganda region. This is why I wish Buganda caucus would be fully constituted, to help refocus some of its members.

Three months ago, Members of Parliament from Buganda region were supposed to elect their caucus leaders.
Unfortunately, the meeting was aborted, and postponed to a date yet to come.
There’s a political problem in Buganda. How do we get leaders like Sir Apollo Kaggwa and Semei Kakungulu again.

Buganda needs strong leaders today, more than ever. Leaders that can pull their colleagues out of hole and all come out stronger. For the good of the region.

Since the 10th parliament was sworn in, there are individuals that have been in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. Unfortunately they’re all from the same region. This is one of the ways the caucus can help matters.

Buganda caucus has the most members in the House. For a long time, the Buganda question has been about getting back its assets and special place named FEDERO from the central government.

The politicians from Buganda have a responsibility of working together to bargain the best political and economic benefits for the region from the national cake.
Unfortunately, we don’t seem to be headed in that direction with politicians thinking in terms of political parties and their constituencies.

This has provided room for rivalry, and even tearing themselves apart.

The weaker leaders have not been supported, instead, there’s a race to how much one can be ridiculed in images such as pigs or comic memes on social media.

There’s need for the leadership of the Buganda caucus to be a place to act as father and mother for men and women in the House. The caucus should draw a road map to help make Buganda leaders great again.

The caucus would help resolve challenges among Buganda MPs before they skyrocket into being national disaster.

If Buganda wants to raise great leaders, it should also have mechanisms to mentor upcoming leaders. And institutions like the Buganda caucus led by experienced legislators, should guide young and new leaders that join them in the house.

In the caucus matters concerning making Buganda great again, should be the preoccupation. And this starts from its leaders.