By Najibu Mulema

Renowned city Mc and television personality , Edwin Katamba commonly known as Mc Kats has felt the pain of being lonely thus deciding to apologize to her singer ex girlfriend, Fille Mutoni.

Recently, the ‘double trouble’ singer bitterly called off the relationship with Mc Kats following the fight between the couple where Fille accused the presenter of infidelity.

During the scuffle, Fille thumped Mc kats and also tried to knock him with her car when she was taking off.

Now, Mc Kats has decided to apologize to his baby ‘mama’ because he has realized he can’t live without the beautiful singer.

On his facebook page, Mc Kats says it was hids anger and ego which got him hurting the people he loves most thus apologizing to Fille.

“My anger temper n ego got me hurting people I love most. Am sorry Fille Winnie Mutoni my papi Abby n my entire family Gona work hard to be abetter man, They are my happiness n am sorry……for all hve done to hurt them…” Mc Kats pleaded.

However, rumours are going around that Fille now days enjoys the ‘forbidden fruit’ with fellow musician Nutty Neithan who is also married to faded singer Empress.