By Michael Babu Du’uki

There are three avenues for making money

1) Your profession.

You can get employed and earn a salary, or open up an enterprise in your area of qualification and make money therefrom

2) Your passion.

Find out what it is that you love and harness it to make money. Comedy, football etc. fall into this category. Professional training in your area of passion will enhance your abilities and increase your value hence more money

3) Your Talent. Harnessing your God-given talent can also fetch you money. Again training in this area also increases your ability to meet customer expectations thus money.

Every one of us has one or more of these. Some of us are not aware we have these.

Most rich men utilise all of these hence explaining why they make so much money.

So go out, use your training, harness your passion and talent, and make more money. Don’t make any of these gifts idle!