By Watchdog reporter

Just minutes after the widow to the late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi revealed in sorrow that a few days after the burial, her youngest son Aron will be asking for a phone to talk to his dad….but the mother said all this in grief simply because she doesn’t have any answer to reply back incase Aron, his brother or sister ask where their dad went to.

Kaweesi’s youngest son broke hearts of many when he went under the casket trying to look for his dad, indeed it was so heartbreaking many mourners cried, and they felt sorry for the innocent young boy.

To him his father was still alive and he was wondering why he was laid in a casket. He kept calling his dad but in vain.

Kaweesi was shot dead on Friday last week along with his bodyguard and driver by unknown assailants just a few meters away from his home in Kulambiro.