By our reporter

Tony Bwanika Kakeeto studied to be a journalist, but his heart beats for giving children a head start in life. This is why he is involved in several charity activities, targeting special needs children and other vulnerable ones.

One of Bwanika’s recent projects was in Goma Division in Mukono Municipality. With his community based organisation Ebujje Foundation, which means “baby” in the local dialect, Luganda, Bwanika tells me that they envision to raise children in a safe community where children remain and treated as children. A community which protects and respects their innocence, rights and dignity.

“We want to secure their future through massive sensitization of the community and empowering them,” he says, following a recent activation where he met needy children especially those with disabilities.

As the school term started, many children returned to the classrooms without books, pens, shoes or uniforms. Bwanika, linked up with his friends in Sweden who mobilized some funds to facilitate the identified children with books, pens, clothes, shoes and pencils.

“We did this in for vulnerable children in government schools,” Bwanika adds, pointing out Seeta church of Uganda and Mukono health center IV.

Bwanika proves there is nothing little when it comes to help, because he told WD website that with the budget of USD300, they were able to reach out to teen mothers through a friend in Sweden’s Vimmerby municipality.

Bwanika wants to reach more children. Like a typical journalist, he shared with me a file of photographs where he shared lots of clothes, and scholastic materials with children in schools. He says he can be reached on the email: