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President Museveni today lost his cool over failures by the inspectorate of government to successfully investigate cases of corruption.

The president’s utterances come at the backdrop of media reports that Bank of Uganda’s outgoing commercial banks supervisor, Justine Bagyenda, amassed a lot of wealth during her tenure.

President Museveni used his state of nation address to literally rip into the credibility of the ombudsman, saying she was being selfish and greedy.

Mr Museveni who named a new team to receive corruption cases, attacked the Inspectorate General of Government (IGG) for failure to bring suspected corrupt government officials to book.

IGG Irene Mulyagonja’s office has recent come under spotlight after whistle-blowers handed her documents that would be of interest, pertaining to wealth accumulation of Mr Bagyenda. The IGG told the media that she had taken on the matter, however, it seems the public cannot wait for too long to hear her findings.

President Yoweri Museveni tired of hearing reports of corrupt government officers, today, came out to hit at the IGG office which he said has failed to fight corruption.

The President told IGG to reflect on her job despite the fact her term ends in 2021.

Museveni said, “What happened to the IGG? Why don’t the victims of corruption report those incidents to the office of the IGG?  That was the purpose of that office; to protect the public from corrupt officials; to protect the investors against corrupt officials.  The IGG should reflect on this.  Are her staff credible? Why does the public not trust that institution?  We need answers”.

He named a new unit to fight corruption comprising James Tweheyo, Martha Asiimwe and Sister Akiror.