By kiyimba Bruno

The public relations officer of Think tank Uganda limited Mr Sekabira Andrew has given hope to the tourists in the country that they are going to boost the tourism sector through the tourism expo weak.

 This was spoken to the press when he was at his office at equatorial mall where he invited all tourists as well as exhibitors to come and play a big role towards developing tourism in the country.

The launch is expected to be done at the ministry of tourism headquarters by the minister himself hon Kiwanda according to Mr Sekabira.

The objectives for this tourism expo are to enable Ugandans and the outside world understand the history and importance of the Equator line, work jointly to develop this area, bring together all stakeholders to forge a way forward on how to develop tourism, attract investors to look at the equator line as a key area for development thus creating more revenue to Government and market Uganda as one of the best tourists destinations in the world.

He adds that many potential nationals who hitherto were business moguls have succumbed to bank loans, many investors have been conned of their money or have always failed to find the right link through which they can connect business with Uganda and many Ugandans with reasonable sums of money have also failed to connect business with the rest of the world as well.

It is on this note that he confirmed all tourists that with the experience, knowledge   and connections both within and outside the country that they came up with a team of patriotic Ugandans whose main aim, goal and objectives rotate around making people realize their potentiality.

“60% of the entertainment within the expo week is going to be provided by cultural dancers from the different parts of the country to make Ugandans feel that they are part of the struggle to develop tourism. “ adds Mr Sekabira.

He adds that the expo is an opportunity for all Ugandans and non Ugandans to showcase what Uganda is all about on top of increasing their incomes.