By Eddie Bazira

Strong fighters and successful entrepreneurs have a lot in common than you would imagine.

When great fighters step into the ring, and when the very best entrepreneurs start a new venture, they are always determined, focused and most of all fearless.

Just like in boxing, entrepreneurs need to stick to their game plan. As a boxer, his goal is to go out there and impose his will on his opponent, and that is how an entrepreneur should think of business. And always have a fighter mentality.

The fighter mentality will help you to never worry about what your direct competitors are doing. Do things the way you want to do them. Dont worry about your competitor’s game plan.

Like a boxer, just force your game plan on your competitor.
Business is a 12 round fight just like boxing. The entrepreneurs who can withstand competetions like boxers who can stay standing through 12 rounds fight, are the ones who are left standing.
Boxers always have discipline. Business owners must develop their game plan and stick to it. They must have the discipline to stay true to their game plan and not deviate.
In boxing, maybe your game plan is establish your jab, work the body. Everytime you go to jab, however, you get hit in the face. So you slightly alter how and when you throw your jab.
Your game plan doesnot always work out immediately. But you have to stick with it and eventually it will work.
People abandon game plans and lose faith in abilities quickly. That is why they fail.
Boxing also teaches you how to clear your head, which is an important skill to have as an entrepreneur.
It also teaches you to be mentally alert which is very useful in business.
And finally, boxing helps you hone your fighter mentality, which is a powerful tool as an entrepreneur.