For some unknown reasons, human beings will never be satisfied when it comes to having children. Some will worry about having a male child while some will want to have a female child.

Basically, people crave for things that will work best for them. In some families, having a male child is paramount as members make so much fuss about inheritance and carrying on the family name. For others, female children are compassionate as they will always look after their parents when the male children have picked wives who are selfish.

Find out some of the things you need to do if you want to give birth to a baby girl:

1. Shettles’ method

This method has been in vogue since the 1960s, this method was launched by Dr Shettles who shared more light on the need for a woman to know how long her menstrual cycle last.

This will help them keep a track on ovulation dates. In using Shettles’ method, you need to have sex two to four days before ovulation if you are keen on having a girl child.

The girl sperm is a slow swimmer; by the time ovulation occurs, this is the only sperm that will be left to fertilise the egg. Male sperm are fast swimming and could die before reaching the egg.

Also, intercourse should be avoided when you notice clear, egg-yolk mucus coming from your vagina. This is clearly a sign of ovulation.

2. Position to be used

If you want to have a girl child, you have to try different positions while making love. Positions that reduce the depth in which your partner can go is the most suitable if you want a baby girl.

Missionary style limits penetration and will be appropriate for you. Since the boy sperm is fast swimming and cannot go very far, you will have a higher chance of having a baby girl.

3. Avoid having an orgasm

While many couples want to have sex and reach orgasm together, the woman who is looking forward to having a baby girl will have to deny herself the satisfaction of reaching climax.

When a woman releases, an alkaline secretion which can make the boy sperm survive for a longer time is also released.

If this secretion is not made, then the boy sperm may die off before it reaches the egg. The egg will be fertilised by the girl sperm at the long run.

4. Eat more acidic foods

When you are looking forward to having a girl child, you should eat foods that are acidic. Acid will reduce the chances of survival of the boy sperm.

Foods that are acidic in nature alter the pH of the vagina even though it is not advisable for the body to be in an acidic state. Having a healthy baby should be the most important thing to be considered.

5. Cut down on your salt level

In addition to staying healthy, being on a low salt diet is said to improve your chances of having a girl.

You can reduce your intake of salted meats, blue cheeses, olives and processed foods if you are trying to conceive. Use lesser amount of salt when making your meals during pregnancy too.

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