A jewellery designer has been forced to temporarily close her Etsy store after demand for her vagina necklaces became out of control

Emily Fitzgerald, who runs the shop Moonflower Creations, saw her business take off after launching her ‘yoni’ (Sanskrit for female genitalia) pendants.

When she made her first yoni pendant, Fitzgerald debated whether to post a photo of it, as her daughter called her a “freak”. But she decided to share it anyway, to prove to girls that their “yonis are great”.

Within days of sharing the vagina-inspired design, Fitzgerald was inundated with comments and messages from willing customers.

To cope with the new demand, she is currently updating her Etsy shop – expected to go live again next week.

In the meantime, let’s all admire these glitter vaginas.

And these rainbow glitter vaginas.

Not forgetting these all-seeing eye vaginas.

These crystal vaginas.

Or, Fitzgerald’s most recent creation, this mirrored vagina.