By Watchdog reporter

Bashed Lwengo District Chairman George Mutabazi who was over the weekend forcibly removed from RwandaAir in Kigali due to disorderly behavior has defended himself saying he was falsely accused of improper behavior.

Mutabazi said he was bounced off the flight because there was a problem of probably mistaken identity and he was asked to get off the plane hence demanding for an explanation as to why.

According to  Mutabazi, he made an alarm to attract the attention of passengers such that if anything happened to him, they would know.

Shortly after the video of his scuffle on the plane was made public, RwandAir, through their social media, said “In order to ensure the safety of today’s flight WB464 to Entebbe and of our passengers on board, this flight passenger, George Mutaabazi was disembarked from the aircraft due to his disorderly behaviour. He was later rebooked on WB452 that departed earlier today.”

However according to Police spokesperson, Asan Kasingye, Mutabazi had insisted on seating in the business class whereas he had an economy ticket and that is why the authority had to work on him in any way possible.

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