By Stephen Okhutu

——Lessons from Sheena, a 12 year old Author—–

Before I move on with this post, let me remind you again that a normal life should have challenges. No one is immune from events that challenge life. Our ability to solve these challenges is what will determine our failures or successes.
A number of people have however failed to appreciate these challenges. This is because they see these challenges as problems. Once we chose to see challenges as problems, we will fail to handle them. We can’t dedicate our efforts to solving these challenges.

Last Wednesday in my radio program, I hosted the former UNEB chairperson, Mr. Fagil Manday. He came along with a 12 year old girl, Sheena Kamahogo. This was one of my best shows because it helped me to learn a lot from this young girl.

Sheena, at her age has authored 15 books. She told me during the show that she is now working on her biography! Most of her books are young readers’ story books. What is so unique about her books is the ability to see the events that is happening in the country and then she write about them in a very creative way. Her titles include Kapimpini series, Monkey for sales, among others.

What is so impressing about this girl is the ability to position herself at such a young age. Sheena is still in primary school preparing to do her state primary examination this year. She has however already defined herself as an author and she has frequently attended the authors’ forum in Uganda.

She is an example of a life well spent. She is so much inspiring and I was happy to have spent those two hours in the radio studio with her.

In one of my radio programs I talked about why the educated people in Uganda are very poor compared to their uneducated counterparts. I talked about the fact that children spend a lot of time in school learning nothing practical but only academic work. In fact a normal educated person in Uganda will start learning about money at the age of 30 years (counting 24 years to finish school and 5 years of job hunting). Then we give it 10 years to stabilize in business. This means that an educated person will start breakthrough at 40 years. This is where the challenge is. We need to change this. So will even start at 60 years after retiring from active employment!

People like Sheena’s father should join this fight to show the country that we can prepare our children to handle life after school when they are still in school. We should not wait for our children to finish school in order to start teaching them how to live the life they want to live after school.

Am considering a public event where people like Sheena will be invited to talk to our children and parents. We need to show the country that it is possible- Kisoboka!

I once again thank you my listeners for always encouraging me. I thank you my Twitter and Facebook followers. Thank you for the advise you have always been giving me. Every time I hear from you, I get stronger. I know I have a great friend in you. Thank you!