With great pleasure, the Victoria Gospel Academy (VIGA) in partnership with the Federation of Gospel Artists of Uganda has released the nomination procedure and schedule of the VIGA 2016 Music Awards.

This comes after the two parties signed a special memorandum of understanding that makes the VIGA Music Awards an official activity of the gospel artist’s federation beginning this year. The awards are a process through which the Christian/Gospel Music Industry annually recognizes and rewards outstanding accomplishments. It is the biggest and most glamorous Gospel event of the year. The occasion showcases some of the exceptional local gospel acts in the year and may feature international performances. This is the fifth season that will climax on Saturday 14th January, 2017.

This year’s season will run under the theme United in ministry for social Transformation, calling upon all artists to be one and use their calling or gifts or talents to express care and reach out to the needy and on that note the proceeds from this year’s event will go towards supporting the Deaf Bible project of the Bible Society of Uganda. Artists are also advised to seek Gods leading about composing songs that speak about all issues pertaining to humanity i.e. relationships, environment protection, entrepreneurship, business, HIV, poverty, wars, politics, corruption, etc. The VIGA Awards have created a special category for such music.

Beginning this year, respective VIGA awards winners & Nominees and members of the federation will offer a free weekly inspiration concert at New Obligato every Thursday starting 29th September, 2016. This will spread across the country where the federation has membership.

VIGA 2016 Nomination procedure
VIGA has Special constituted panels that propose and forward the entries for nomination, basing majorly on what transpired in the media. The members on these panels fill a nomination form suggesting three names per category to be considered. The technical committee tallies these proposals to come out with the final nominees list.

But VIGA is aware that there is so much good music produced in the year that may not grace the media waves and pages. For that reason, we have provided an opportunity for such music to be considered through a public nomination window and artists’ registration.

• Public Nomination Window
The Public Nomination window is an opportunity for everyone to propose their favorite artist(s) and/or song(s) for nomination. Type Nomin, name of artist and their song and send to 8888.

• Artists Registration
Here interested artists or their representatives pick forms from the VIGA offices and other designated centers, or download them from www.vigamusicawards.com and submit them for consideration if they fulfil the following;
• An artist must have music released in the eligible period; Dec 2015-Nov 2016
• The filled registration forms must be returned with copies of artist’s works, providing their brief bio and photo(s) in soft copy.

The VIGA 2016 Music Awards schedule
No Activity Period Place of Execution
1 Artist’ registrations, Nominations, and Public nomination window 1st October – 15th Nov, 2016
Professional Panels, Registration Forms, SMS and the Media
2 Nomination Bash to unveil the Nominees Thur 24th Nov, 2016 New Obligato
3 Voting 1st Dec ’16 – 13th Jan, 2017 SMS and online
4 Nominees Balls; Briefing & handing out of Certificates to Nominees & VIGA Magazine launch Thursday 12th Jan, 2017
New Obligato
5 Grand Awards Gala Saturday 14th Jan, 2017 Imperial Royale Hotel
6 VIGA Winners Bash Jan 2017 Freedom City

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