By Badru Mulisike

Come converge

In laws of the beautiful

And relatives of the searching

But what is in a name?


Seventy two times our hearts beat

Red our blood is

Listen to our pulse

What really should i do

if i cannot find my match

In my tribesmen

But what is in a name ?


The first time i introduced Ankwa

You all exclaimed

She is from the very rich

The tribe of the cattle keepers

They drink and bathe milk

You will not  manage

But what is in a name ?


My sister introduced Oje

You got out swords

Driving them out of the household

A son from the poor

Their tribe is so backward

They will bring a bad omen

But what is in a name


Dear beloved ones

those you wish us to have

may not be as loving ,caring ,or obedient

They are disrespectful

Yet you need one to respect you

Is this the choice you wish us

To introduce to you

to break away the happiness

we built for centuries

But what is in a name?