By Badru Mulisike

You came from the land so near

When still young i remember you dear

Nakedly running all over your homestead like a deer

And you always loved to eat peer

But elders told you never to drink beer


Your feet were bare

You resembled a teddy bear

Your eyes filled with tears

When i brought you from village my dear

And i named you Kaye which means Messiah of my ears

To report to me whatever you hear

I showed the devils to tear

I told you the evils to gear


But the game of seasons

Came by no reasons

Shocks that choked

Baits that couldn’t wait

Hooks in books

They told me in bold

I begun feeling cold

I put all work on hold


As they protested

he is  Dean of weevil, dean of weevil

I frankly asked

You Been weevil? You been weevil?

You exclaimed

No Bean weavil! No Bean weavil!

But i thought out loud

Why my harvest is full of BEAN WEEVILS??