Women fake orgasm a lot and, in turn, mislead men with their theatrics in bed. But what they really don’t know is that it all comes straight back to them eventually

Out there, in bars, men thud their chests giving captivating stories of why they need to go to bed early on a Saturday night because of how they made this particular lady tear her weave off with their incredible sex game.

Their friends laugh and let him go. They, too, can relate to what he’s saying. They have been there and done it a lot.

But what most of these guys don’t know is that they are recounting and reminiscing lies.

Women have been faking orgasm since time immemorial and men haven’t learned how to decode these pretty lies.

The heavy breathing, wig pulling, aching of her back, curling of her toes and those seemingly uncontrollable “YES Lord” are just part of a well-orchestrated acts to make you finish up faster since she has seen you have no idea what you are doing in there.

Women fake orgasm all the time.

Sometimes it’s just from them when they are too distracted and in, turn can’t get the big O. Other times, or maybe, most times, it’s when men just don’t have an idea which button to press that will automatically ignite her.

Women can be complicated. They have too many buttons that need to be pressed in a particular way for a certain duration of time and at the same time whispering the right things.

Miss any of these and you might in another false ride.

As if that is not enough, once you learn pressing these buttons and the whispering, you can’t duplicate it to the next lady. You start all over again.  No wonder men are always lost and still don’t know.

So no wonder men are always lost and still don’t know.

But what women don’t understand is that faking and acting up during sex only misleads your man. If you keep giving him the “ooh yeses” he’ll keep thinking he’s on the right buttons and will forever remain on that mislead path.

Maybe it’s the high time women stop this, sit down with their partners and talk about their sex lives.

It would be good for everyone. The woman, the man and maybe those misled guys in the bar too.

Source: https://tuko.co.ke/170330-kenya-lady-means-scream-ooh-yess-romp.html?f&poster=21169