Who is to blame for all the  Corruption that is going on the country?

We’ve continued to diminishing the pride of Uganda, the Pearl of Africa in all directions. We oppress our own innocent compatriots just for selfish motive. The Government feel the only way to be the majority is to oppress opposition, which is destroying the Nation, and the opposition feel the only way they have to be known is to criticize the Government, thus destroying ourselves.

 A common sense should tell us that unity is strength, and there is no war, call it AVENGERS,  that can fight the unity of a nation and conquer it.

History has told us, and history will continue telling us, if  a nation is united, will there be development and prosperity for all.  Let’s be wise –  we need common sense; it is a common sense that we should stop destroying what could bring us together. Anyone destroying the Nation’s image is destroying himself. You can’t just say the problem of Uganda is President Museveni and his Government, the problem is you! If you don’t know your function, your obligation as a Ugandan, you are a problem to Uganda. You that stir up commotion and violence, you are Uganda’s problem. You that create problem in order to embezzle the National fund – you are Uganda’s problem.In some states in America, and other European countries, the white police are maltreating and killing the blacks just for a little offense of the law, instead of the blacks strategizing on how to invest in themselves in order to give the black race a meaning and values for the white race to envy and respect them, rather we are here pursing our selfish desire, destroying the unity in oneness. We are here blaming the president instead of praying for him. Who say President Museveni isn’t working? May be he has not done everything he ought to have done, but for sure he has done something. He has been building  roads, recently commissioned the construction of  rail-ways and improved the GDP of this country.

Instead of encouraging him to do more we are criticizing him. The problem is you, instead of taking your obligation as a Ugandan seriously, you are looking for whom to blame for your failure.

Those opposition leaders that feel the Government is their problem, and go about preaching the gospel of defiance   – they are the problem of Uganda. They have to check their Koran or bible closely, does it say, if you see your  opponents you should hate them?

And the Government, you that feel the opposition is your problem, and don’t want to be criticized – you are also part of the problem of this country.

You who embezzle this nation’s funds, meant for infrastructures, drugs and development  for your personal consumption – you are the problem of Uganda.

You jobless waif miscreants, sycophants in the morning, arm-robbers at night – you are the problem of Uganda.

Until you change and start carrying out your constitutional obligation as citizens of Uganda and think for what you will do for Uganda, not what Uganda will do for you; then Uganda will judiciously fight for your right.