By Mike Ssegawa
I visited to Mr John Ssempeebwa, the deputy chief executive of the Uganda Tourism Board, who shared the top 10 high returns investment opportunities in Uganda’s tourism today.
We have in the past two day discussed the first four namely;
1. The Uganda International Convention Centre
2. Niche Accommodation
3. Fun in the Sun & Wild in the Water
4. Sky adventure

Today, I bring you Number Five investment opportunity in Uganda’s tourism.
5. It is Transport.
Tourism cannot take place without a well organized transport system. Ssempeebwa spoke about water transport, but also, there are other means that need to be in place and private investors can participate in it.
Charter planes
There are several airstrips in different parts of Uganda, and many are near tourist attractions. However, there are almost idle as air transport is damn expensive and underutilized. Ssempeebwa says there is need for more investment in air transport by having smaller planes that can make the different airstrip infrastructures busy.
The chartered planes and choppers can be used for luxury activities such as weddings, showbiz and other busy but wealthy individuals.

Tour operators cannot function without tour vans. However, there is need to engage juakali Ugandans in Katwe and Kisekka to build bodies for tour vehicles. These are jobs for Ugandan youth. It will make tour operators purchase vans at cheaper rates if they are assembled or built here.

Cool stopovers
John Ssempeebwa calls for hygienic stopovers on the roadside where one can break and eat a snack without fearing food poisoning.
He says the markets on the road sides such as Namawajjolo on Jinja Road or Lukaya on Masaka Road, need to be turned into convenient stop overs.
Tomorrow, we shall bring you more opportunities in Uganda’s tourism industry which investors can grab this year, according to tourism expert John Ssempeebwa, the deputy CEO of Uganda’s Tourism Board. For more information, follow John