By Watchdog reporter

The last king of Rwanda, Kigeli, has died in US after more than 50 years in exile.

A Tutsi himself, Kigeli couldnt return to Rwanda in 1994 after Tutsi dominated RPF captured power because he demanded to return to Rwanda as a king with monarchial powers.

The new leader in Paul Kagame however told him to return as an ordinary Rwandan, which he declined.

That created annimosity between the two and the stand off silently divided the Tutsis.

Some conservatives believe Kagame should have returned the king while others especially the young ideologues thought otherwise.

Rwandans are eagerly waiting to see if the government would allow to return his body for burial in Rwanda.

Observers in Rwanda say Kagame might not allow the King’s body back as he has showed in the past that he fears dead bodies of his enemies being burried in Rwanda.

The observers are quit to point at former intelligence chief Karegeya who was murdered in South Africa.

The body was not only allowed in Rwanda, and strings were pulled to deny Karegeya burial in Uganda where his family lives.

The death of Kigeli puts an end to the Rwandan monarchy since the king who died at 80 years never had any children and all his brothers and uncles had died in Rwandan genocides or by natural deaths.