The story of a Kenyan street kid who picked KSh 200,000 in town and handed it back to the owner has gripped Kenyans.

The Chokoraa(street kid) was hungry, he was badly dressed. He needed the money which he picked. Yet he handed it all back.

The lad who has been identified as Vince Dancer is a former eloquent employee of one of Kenya’s biggest supermarkets.

He fell to his state after abusing substances in his heydays. His attempt at rehab failed, tossing him into the vicious maelstrom of job loss that forced him into the streets.

He says that he used the narcotics to save himself from an intense feeling of loneliness and the fear of impending doom.

The prolonged use saw him lose his IT Job at Nakumatt and is currently living off morsels that he picks from bins in town.

He was active on social media until last year around November when everything collapsed around him.

His prayer is that he gets over his addictions and gets back to his feet. He asks Kenyans to pray for him.

His word of caution to people like him who are ensnared in substance abuse is that they seek refuge in rehab.