By Kampala Gal

During the day,Kampala city is a buzz with business but when the night falls,it’s partying, clubbing and drinking. Surprise and shock is what you get when you compare what goes on in Kampala before and after sunset.

During the day its business as usual,even Kampala’s most notorious night spots ate quiet and everything is normal and calm but all hell breaks loose at night and Kampala turns into a wild place of bar hoppers, alcohol drinkers and sex workers.

On Friday and Saturday nights,places like William street and Speke road are loitered with sex workers who pry their businesses there and Kabalagala a city suburb is the life of Kampala night. This is a place that is full of bars,muchomo,shisha joints and everything else that one would need to “happen”

So just because its a Wednesday don’t think Kampala is sleeping. Kampala is a city that never sleeps. There are a number of night clubs and bars where you can relax,drink and enjoy an evening out with friends.