FUFA’s Vision- to be the Number One football Nation in Africa on and off the pitch has led to many praises from the coporte world including the Ag. Managing Director of National Insurance Corporation (NIC) Mr. Elias Edu

Mr. Edu was on a courtesy visit at FUFA House with NIC’s Head of Corporate Communications Pamela Abonyo where they met the FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo.

FUFA President and Mr. Edu discussed a range of issues related to football for the short and long term.

Edu was presented with a Uganda Cranes original jersey won by Khalid Aucho at the 2017 AFCON Finals in Gabon when Uganda returned to the continental soccer show piece after 39 years of waiting.

Mr. Edu was also taken on a guided tour of the 102.1 FUFA fm where he was given the chance together with FUFA President to address the listeners.

The FUFA President was excited about Mr. Edu’s visit.

“We are very excited as FUFA and on behalf of FUFA i would like to thank the Managing director of NIC for doing a cutesy call, normally meetings are over issues but when the MD come and say he’s just making a cutesy call, and the message which have been delivered in the short meeting which we had in my office, it is very encouraging to say how much we are trying as an institution to get better.”

“And this is coming from the people who are putting money into the game, and this kind of assurance gives us a lot of energy to continue going forward.”

NIC Ag. MD Elias Edu in verbatim;

“We are very happy to be associated with FUFA. We thank FUFA President Eng. Moses Magogo and his team. We have been supporting sports for a very long time and football is something we consider very much. We are so pleased with our relationship with FUFA.”

“I took time to visit our friend and partner the FUFA President and we have shared our views to support football.”

“We want to support the League and ensure that the league has necessary infrastructures and make sure the players are compensated when there is an injury.”

“We want able men and women to go into football and deliver their best for the Country.”

“We want Uganda to win the World cup not just to participate  and that is what we discussed  today and thank God I have the President here who shared views in that vision he is focused on the future, he is not looking at Uganda of today but Uganda of the next 10-20 years to be a power house of football.”

“We thank you Mr. President and your team, myself and Miss Pamela. We are so much engaged, we want to promise you that you have a dependable partner in NIC and our love for football and sports is genuine. It’s not a love that started today. It’s the same love even in our parent Country (Nigeria).”

“I want to replicate the services that we have rendered to this Country so that Uganda can be considered as a Country strong in Football.”

‘Thank you Mr. President and thank you every one out their supporting the game of football.”

“Go out there, enter the Stadium wherever you are and show your participation in sports. We thank you all and share the same vision as NIC.” 

NIC is the official insurance company of the Uganda Cranes and also offered a giant generator to FUFA being used at the FUFA Technical Centre, Njeru.