These are the signs that they could be a keeper

When it comes to dating, we’ve all heard about the red flags to look out for in a budding relationship. Whether it’s a lack of shared interests or the fact they don’t like your favourite movie, it’s easy to tell when something’s a non-starter.

But, what if things are going well? The lesser discussed green flags are pivotal when determining whether or not someone is worth holding onto.Before you go out and commit, why not familiarise yourself with some of the most popular green flags from the frontline of dating. On popular discussion forum Reddit. separate AskMen and AskWomen threads revealed the key signs that the person your dating is a keeper.

These are the top green flags according to men.

You’ve got to roll with the punches

For the male population, it seems that the ability for a potential partner to keep their cool is paramount.

Whether it’s enduring the chaos of a bad date but still smiling or not letting a brief spat ruin the rest of the day, a serious lack of drama is right up there.

Always offers to pay for a date

For a lot of men, a date offering to pay their way is hugely important. While some were happy with just a polite proposal, others firmly believed that their date should split the bill.

Be loyal from the start

From the very first date, men pitched loyalty high up on their list of green flags for potential partners. One user recalls how on a first meeting, his had was approached by other men, “she doesn’t pause for a second and says, ‘I’m with him’. Green flag.”

Don’t talk about yourself too much

This one goes hand-in-hand with listening. In the face of gender stereotype, men want to be listened to too so jabbering on about yourself the whole date is never a good sign. Instead, take time to ask your date questions about themselves.

Meanwhile, over on the AskWomen thread, these four acts were deemed the most important green flags to look out for.

You need to like their pets

A huge number of women stated that a date treating their pets well was an absolute must. For them, their pets are family and deserved to be treated as such. “I love when my current date gives my dogs a ton of love”, one user declared.

Having long, meaningful conversations

The ability to talk to their partner for hours on end without awkward silences or the need to check phones is a winner for many women.

Making sentimental gestures

A gift doesn’t necessarily have to mean splurging on something fancy, in fact, for most women, a sentimental gesture fares much better. One user said, “I was texting my boyfriend about this tea that I happened to pick up at a gas station next to my job. A week later he waltzed into my bedroom with 3 cases of the tea.

Having a hobby that you’re passionate about

Having a genuine interest is super-important to women who are fed up with people declaring their love of Netflix as a past-time. One user candidly wrote, “If you don’t have an interest/hobby besides the stuff almost everyone enjoys, I’ll assume you’re a boring person.”