By Catherine Apolot

Police Flying Squad have arrested Regina Nakiwu, 18, for faking her own kidnap with an intention to defraud her father of Shs2 million.

Nakiwu has been arrested along with her 20-year-old boyfriend identified as William Ssenyonga following a complaint reported by Nakiwu’s father Mbaziira Ponsiano.

It is alleged that the two love birds orchestrated a plan to obtain Shs2 million from him by pretending that Nakiwu had been kidnapped.

Ssenyonga told police that ‘life was becoming hard for them.’

“Nakiwu then suggested that we fake a kidnap, demand for a Shs2 million ransom from her father which would be used to expand my shoe business,” Ssenyonga told police.

Mbaziira requested for some little time to gather the amount of money asked for ransom and instead reported a case to Flying Squad Unit.

The two love birds were found at Senyonga’s home in Kawaala enjoying a meal and were arrested.

Nakiwu told police she was trying to help her boyfriend expand his shoe business so that he could afford enough money to pay dowry.