By Watchdog reporter

Instead of Uganda police and Makerere University harnessing the talent of an upcoming explosive maker Falcao Mugarura Samuel, the two institutions are on the offensive to demonize his innovation. Makerere University even went a step higher to distance themselves from the student’s project.
It is true that war devices are a preserve of the security forces, however, a smart police should have recognized Mugarura has a unique passion tha he has not used for evil purposes.
With an ammunition factory in Nakasongola, Mugarura, who says hails from Kazo in Kiruhura district, should have been identified and helped to grow his talent in the right environment and under proper supervision.

As police and Makerere chastized the university student, he turned to Facebook.
“I am not a TERRORIST …i am a student, and a proud citizen who just made his imaginations REAL …so let no one make this POLITICAL.”

Mugarura went on to write a brief on himself, explaining where he comes from and what he has been up to since.
“I am a MUKIGA from kigezi however my family migrated to kiruhura district, my home is in KAZO ….i went to kazo parents for my primary education and excelled my PLE exams then went to various schools for my secondary education , sat my UACE exams at kajansi progressive school then Joined MAKERERE UNIVERSITY on MERIT.
Iam doing this project for my country and my institution Makerere university which I still think is the best in REGION.
MAKERERE made me who iam , made me much more bigger and mature …I picked this explosive project because that’s what my heart has always told me to do…i thank God that the results are positive and I believe the government will give us a hand and UGANDA will never be the same again as we BUILD FOR THE FUTURE ….for God and my country.”