By Najibu Mulema

The rate at which primary teachers in Mityana district are abandoning their teaching jobs
to ride boda bodas is quite alarming.
This came after Mityana LC5 chairperson Joseph Luzige alleging that 203 primary school teachers have resented their jobs, and instead of teaching the pupils they ride bodabodas during class time to earn a living.
“Teachers who ride bodabodas during class time are the reason why most schools in Mityana fail primary leaving exams and I assure the culprits that we are going to arrest them because we have a list of their names,” said Joseph Luzige.

Primary school teachers are some of the least paid civil servants, yet their pay still comes late. In contrast, boda boda makes them at least sh10,000 a day which helps teachers pay their day to day bills.
The problem of teachers turning to boda boda is not limited to Mityana, but it’s a problem across the country.

The government can remedy this problem by paying teachers better and on time.