By Watchdog reporter

Ever since the dirty secret of the Late Lawrence Mukiibi of feasting on his female students sexually and siring tens of children surfaced, a lot of people have come out to highly condemn such act.

The latest to do so, is Uganda National Teachers Union (UNATU), a teachers governing body which has said Prof. Mukiibi’s act was unethical and a sign of unprofessionalism.

According to James Tweheyo, General Secretary UNATU, the St. Lawrence Schools proprietor’s action was unethical and professionally wrong to lead learners into temptation, especially, feasting on them sexually.

“Many influential people have been hesitant to condemn high profiled educationist like Prof Mukiibi, but UNATU is living up to the expectation,” Twaheyo said.

He has further downplayed the Ministry of Education for giving a deaf ear on such a grave offence committed by Mukiibi.

“It is also unfortunate that the ministry of education has not come out to make a statement on the matter,” Twaheyo lamented.

It should be noted that the Minister for Education Janet Museveni was one of the most prominent mourners at the late Mukiibi’s funeral, the Catholic Church has refused to condemn Mukiibi action, and the minister of state for education JC Muyingo said Mukiibi was his source of inspiration.

Apparently Mukiibi fathered more than 50 children and many are still being brought in.  He allegedly left more than 20 young girls pregnant.

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