By Frank Gashumba

The looming legal battle between Businessman Sudhir Ruparelia and BOU is one war that will affect us the taxpayers and the unemployed mostly.

Last I passed near the Speke Apartments and saw over 2,000 casual labourers working and currently the establishment is employment well over 100 people.

The 2000 people as we speak are jobless as we speak now!

I am not saying Mr Sudhir is very innocent neither am I saying that he’s guilty. But if you follow the dailies like I have been following over the last couple if days, Sudhir is a convicted awaiting to be hanged!

Through my innovations, I’ve created over 2,000 jobs within and outside the country.

God forbid, if Sudhir died today many people’s lives will change drastically for the worst.

A source close to Sudhir told me the other day he directly employs over 7,000 and thousands more indirectly throughout his business empire in the country.

How many government entities, Ministries and establishments do you put together to come up with such a number?
What if we had about 1,000 people like him; they’d altogether create 7m jobs!

In today’s Daily Monitor newspaper I read about 4,000 individuals who applied for 30 available jobs!!! 84% of the youth are unemployed and the youth make up over 70% of the Country’s population!! Aren’t we sitting on on time bomb?

There’s no single country in the whole world that has been developed and uplifted by foreigners! It is quite shocking that many people regard and think that Sudhir is a foreigner but he is Ugandan who was born in Kasese district in 1956 and 97% of his businesses and investments raging from Insurance, Floriculture, Education, Hospitality, Finance, among others are based in Uganda.

If these technocrats and politicians invest the money they steal here, we wouldn’t be having 84% youth unemployed but they choose to keep their money in Banks abroad!

As Gashumba, I don’t care about your background, faith, skin colour or belief as long as you transform the lives of Ugandans. Banks like Barclays, Stanchart, Bank of Baroda have been here for decades but simply sniff out the profits at the end of the year.

On the contrary, Sudhir reinvests all his profits to ensure more Ugandans get jobs at the end of the day.

Now these small gods in BOU whom we the taxpayers pay for each and everything are the people fighting the people who created jobs for thousands of Ugandans!

I’ve chanced to visit a couple of government offices but these people simply swing in their chairs in their air-conditioned posh offices because their children are out there in the best schools in the world like Yale and Harvard; they don’t care about anything.

If Sudhir didn’t pay the money they claim he didn’t pay why not give him 15-year period to pay.

A reliable source told me that BOU is going to spend sh13b on the law firm it hired to win this legal battle and that already sh2b has been paid to it!!!

If Sudhir wins the case it’s the taxpayers you and me to pay the costs which I presume will be in billions because he has hired the best lawyers in town!

If these gods don’t think again to solve the issues of the unemployed, the problems of the unemployed shall find them in their posh offices, in their posh cars and in their posh homes!

The system failed to deal with the issues and problems of the ghetto and the ghetto people chose to send one of their own to Parliament to help tackle their issues; His Excellency, Honourable Ghetto President, Omubanda wa Kabaka, Ba wa Barbie Bobi Wine Kyagunyi Robert Sentamu..

Me as Gashumba am writing about this is in two shadows; as a social & Economic Rights Activist, Entrepreneur, Motivational Speaker& Digital Influencer and as a person who truly understands what it means to be unemployed!

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