Blog4Cash reporter

As the festive season draws nearer taxi drivers and conductors have been argued to avoid taking alcohol while driving citing it as the main cause of road accidents.

Addressing the media today at Uganda Muslim Supreme Council in Kampala, the chairman of AWAKULA ENNUME association which owns the Awakula Ennume buses, Mr William Katumba expressed concern that some drivers and conductors drink alcohol sold in sachets while driving people especially those driving long routes.

Mr Katumba said some transporters mix alcohol with water in the mineral water bottles and some put in marijuana to keep away from dosing which some times disturbs the minds hence accidents.

Meanwhile Katumba appealed to the authorities to ban the sachet  alcohol which he says has led to many accidents especially in the approaching festive seasons arguing the drivers to refrain from alcohol.
He wants the authorities to pass a directing banning alcohol sold in sachets in the country and to ensure all alcohol sold in the country is packaged in bottles.

Mr Katumba argued passengers to be vigilant in the coming season to save themselves from being conned by unprofessional taxi operators who want to make quick money from the festive season by stealing people’s properties.

Pay your taxes

Meanwhile, Kampala capital city authority has today convened a meeting with the taxi operators in Kampala under the umbrella Kampala operational tax stages association at Uganda Muslim supreme council to highlight the alleged presidential directive to levy only one annual tax from the transporter in the country.

Speaking to the drivers, Mugangaizi Robert, the commissioner in charge of taxes at KCCA said the letter written by the president was directed to the prime minister to see whether it is convenient to levy one annual taxi from the drivers.

However Sendawula Yasin, the Commissioner for urban inspection at the ministry of local government appealed to the taxi drivers to value paying taxes which he says are the engine on which the country moves.