By Kiyimba Bruno

National Resistance Movement (NRM) Electoral Commission chairman Dr. Tanga Odoi has vowed to deal with all those people do his work illegally.

Tanga said this during a press brief about the update of the status of the electoral process.

Tanga cited out workers from TV west who try to do work which is supposed to be done by him.

“I warn TV West and Hon.Kamurari. You have no authority to do my work. We can be friends but when it comes to my swindling my work,things are different.” said Tanga.

He added that if TV West wants information about elections,they should always consult him instead of doing things in their own way.

Tanga here added that he has no problem of transporting people from any part of Uganda since NRM has many supporters in villages.

He clarified that among the planned activities are the elections of the upcoming LC1 elections as well as the space for the new districts that are coming up.

The chairman also updated that from 19th of this month, NRM will set out to look for votes of their members who will represent them on the local sub county level through out the country.